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Noelle has taken care of our kitties over the years when we have been traveling and also taken in the newspaper, mail, or any one of those details you need taken care of in your absence.

All too recently, we lost the last of our three kitties, a very painful experience. All three of them were close to 20 years old.

In her kind and caring way, Noelle took them to the vet for us, so we would not have to bear that final pain. She stayed with them through that final process and saw to it that they were treated with the utmost kindness. This in itself is a most valuable service.

Please consider Kitty Concierge if you need an excellent nanny!

C.R. "Rick" Perrigo II

Noelle's concierge services save me the hassle of driving to the store, parking, checking-out and hauling everything back to my car. This service is fabulous. I call Noelle, tell her what I want and she delivers it to my home or office usually the same day.

Not only that, but I actually save bundles by sending Noelle to the store with a list - that way I'm not tempted to buy a lot of things I really don't need.

Another wonderful thing about Noelle: She knows my tastes. I don't like certain things in the food I buy, like certain additives, and Noelle will always pick out something I would choose myself.

Noelle has been doing this service for me for 2 or 3 years. She'll pick up my dry cleaning, since I work past 7pm every day, go to Costco or run any errand I need. It seems for the little bit I spend, it is so worth it.

I save time and money.

Robin, Body Beautiful