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Cat and Dog Services/Rates
Daily Visits Rate
First visit, one animal $24.00
Each additional animal $2.00
Same day, second visit $10.00
Same day, third visit $10.00
Pooper scooper service per day $5.00
Pooper scooper service per week $25.00
Watering plants $5.00 to $10.00

Total balance agreed upon to be paid in full prior to commencement of first day's service.

Last Minute Reservations 
Are welcome! If made within 48 hours an additional $24.00 reservation fee will be added to the final billing.

Sometimes this can't be helped. There will be a 10% charge of entire billing amount if cancellation is within 72 hours of starting date.

Transportation Fees: (The Veterinarian, groomer, airport, etc.)
Minimum Fee (one way) -- $15.00
Round Trip (within Eugene/Springfield City Limits)  -- $20.00

Rates are subject to change.