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Kitty Concierge The Puurfect Nanny for your CATS and DOGS

Kitty Concierge offers unique, affordable services to pet owners. These services can be provided while you are busy at work or while you are on vacation.  Noelle Brewer makes daily visits to your home, allowing your animals to remain in their own familiar environment.

Standard services include:

      Litterbox maintenance each visit
      Pet dishes cleaned
      Individual smooch & pamper time

Noelle Brewer
In todayıs busy world, it is easy to forget your pets' other  needs therefore, Kitty Concierge offers these additional services:

  Veterinarian visits for checkups and emergencies
  Transportation to the groomer
  Pet groceries purchased with advance notice
Don't have a pet? Kitty Concierge provides personal concierge services for those with a busy lifestyle:

  Dry Cleaning Errands
  Airport transportation
  Mail pick-up and more

Whether youıre at work or at play, please give Kitty Concierge a call.